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My latest addiction is watching the office. Y'know, the show with Steve Carell. A few of my friends with the same comedic taste had been urging me to watch it. And so I did. After downloading everything, I watched all 2 1/2 seasons in about 2 days. Now that's what I call an addiction.

I got signed up for my senior seminar today. All the psych seminars are 30 people, but they decided to lower it to 15 and use the other half and give out permission codes (which was something new the psych department was doing so we weren't sure this was actually the case). 1 of your upper division classes has to be a seminar. So, it starts at 9A this morning and I'm thinking, I'll get there at 8:15 and be early. Last night I had class with Daniel and he's saying how Dave and him are showing up at 7:30. So I started rethinking my plan. Later I called Hayley and found out she was arriving at 6:45. So I changed my tune and woke up at 6A so I could get there early enough. I ended not getting there til 7A, but I was 17th in line (but there are 5 different seminars being offered next quarter). Those permission code lines are competitive when it comes to graduating seniors. So in this class of 30 it's me, Jesse, Daniel, Dave, and Hayley. Should be all sorts of awesome.

I really don't care about my classes this quarter. Mainly my sociology class. It sucks. But then next quarter comes and it's gonna be possibly the best quarter ever (possibly next to winter quarter of `06 when I took psych of poverty [and the practicum], clinical psych, and a US civil war class). I'm taking this consciousness seminar with ray gibbs, I'll be doing my field study (still need to pick out my place of residence), and humanistic psych with Ralph Quinn!!!!!! If you couldn't tell, I love ralph quinn. No, seriously, if either of us were female, we would make babies together. I'm hoping he'll also be my faculty sponsor for my field study as well.

And now that I've woken from my nap after waking up soooo early to get into the consciousness seminar, it's time to get to that studying!
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