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I probably should be productive, but I don't really care. I have 1 more final on thursday, then spring break is here. I'm really excited for next quarter, partially just cause I really hated this quarter (but my classes will be amazing next quarter). I especially hated my sociology class, except when we got the female body builder to come in and talk about what steiroids does to her body and how she's also a prostitute on the side (and the dancing that was mentioned in my previous post).

For spring break I'm going down to LA for 3 days, then to Santa Barbara for 2 days. And then I'm coming back up to SC and not doing a god damned thing.. well not really. I just don't have to work. So that means: lots of reading  going to the beach, watching a crapload of movies and TV shows, and seeing people I don't see enough.

As soon as I school starts, I also start my field study at 7th ave. It's a mental health facility. Basically I'm going to learn a lot about the DSM (psychiatric diagnosis and behaviors), medications and side effects, and dealing one on one with the patients. It'll be intense, but I know what i'm getting into.

Other than that, things have been going well (well, almost everything). For st. pattys day, I went out with stephanie, courtney, and julia and we ended up at this house party where I somehow got a sombrero, as we left, I forgot that I was still wearing it and walked off with it. Now I have a sombrero. I guess I'm ready for cinco de mayo.

Hockey playoffs are almost around the corner (I've been following it closely.. especially since my friend Bryan is a huge hockey fan) And the baseball season is starting soon!

PS my current song has been stuck in my head for almost 2 weeks. They were playing it at the saturn cafe and Matt and his friends started getting really into it and now it won't go away. Seriously, almost 2 weeks. What the hell.
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