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Quick update....

I was down in LA for about a week cause my mom just passed away. I got to spend time with my dad, brother, and all my relatives who I never see. Specifically my cousins whom I love to death.

I'm getting a new car soon. I put mine into the shop to get minor repairs and then I become aware that I was cracked block and that it will cost so much to replace it that it only makes sense to buy a new one.

I got a new phone.. still a razor, but this one has monopoly on it. I think that's amazing. Especially cause I can play for 20 minutes and resume the game 6 hours later if I like, which you can't do in a real monopoly game. And it has chess and other cool games.

I'm not moving. I was going to, but then Alissa got accepted (was on the waitlist) to teach in Spain. And considering all the money I'm going to spend on a car, I don't want to move out right now

I'm going to the Giants Braves game tomorrow/today and proudly wear my dodgers hat.

Theres a lot more, but that's just the most important things that came to mind.
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