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For once, I still wished I lived in So Cal. Kroq is putting on their annual Christmas shows, and for night 2, check out this lineup: Muse, Feist, Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, Silversun Pickups, Spoon, the Shins. Holy crap! That is one hell of a lineup.

In other news, 4 days left and then I'm off to South Carolina for thanksgiving. All in all, there's going to be about 11 of us there (all from my dad's side of the family). Most people agonize over having to get together with their extended family and "hang out" with them for lengthy period of time, talking to that one [insert relative] who you're forced to talk to and the conversation is always awkward and usually about issues that you don't care about. For me it is definitely different. I'm mostly excited to hang out with my cousins, but it'll be nice to see everyone.

Nothing really noteworthy going on right now, recovering nicely from my surgery. I did achieve a new high score this past week in bowling (161) since I've been bowling  (for FREE!) weekly with my coworkers for the past 2 months. And I'm still plugging away at my vocab/preparing for the GREs.
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