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I don't have much time, but I wanted to make a quick, but meaningful entry.

I was talking to Nicole on new years eve and we were trying to figure out if anything significant happened this past year for us

She really couldn't come up with anything, but for me, A LOT of significant stuff has happened this past year.

- I started working at 7th Ave - which is going to help get me into grad school.
- I got a brand new car.
- I graduated from college.
- I had a hernia and my first ever operation.
- My mom passed away.

There's probably more, but that's all the major stuff that happened (I think).

It's definitely been an eventful year.

And I decided for my news resolution, so actually geniunely and sincerely attack any resolution I attempt to complete.

I started reading the Harry Potter series. I'm almost done with book 3!!

Please shoot me in the face if Hillary Clinton is elected the Democratic nominee.

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